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Bandar Bin Sultan: found 19, October 2010

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After a two-year absence Prince Bandar bin Sultan, the son of Saudi’s Crown Prince Sultan, has turned up. There has been a veritable plethora of interesting stories and rumors suggesting that he was ill abroad, in prison in Saudi or otherwise in trouble for fiddling around with Sunni terrorist groups in Syria and Lebanon.

The official version is that he has been in London for two years for medical reasons. Hmm…


Bandar bin Sultan: recuperating in Morocco 24, June 2010

Posted by thegulfblog.com in Saudi Arabia.
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There have been wild rumors for some time now speculating on what has happened to Saudi Prince and former Ambassador to America for 2 decades Bandar bin Sultan. Some of the more inventive stories suggested that he was in jail in Saudi for plotting a coup. However, more mundanely, Le Figaro’s Middle East blog reports that he has been in hospital in France and is now recuperating in Morocco: like father like son, you could say.

Depending on which rumour you choose to believe, he has been suffering from spinal problems, depression or colon cancer.