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Saudi execution rate up to two per day 14, October 2008

Posted by thegulfblog.com in Saudi Arabia.
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A new amnesty report states that Saudi Arabia are executing prisoners at a rate of more than two per day. The Kingdom does not release official figures but Amnesty themselves have recorded 1695 executions between 1985 and May 2008. As if this is not bad enough, it transpires that foreigners make up a disproportionately large number of these executions. Despite being only 25% of the population, 830 of those executed were foreigners, nearly 50% of the total.

Amnesty further charge that the trials are held in secret and the defendants are not necessarily provided with a lawyer and might not even be able to understand the proceedings. Additionally, whilst pardons are granted on some occasions, Saudi nationals are eight times more likely to get away with it through the paying of blood money. There are, as ever, the usual protestations regarding the use of torture in Saudi police stations to obtain confessions to top off a thoroughly depressing report.