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How the news is made 1, February 2010

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Charlie Brooker perfectly apes essentially all news stories on British TV (especially regional news) in this little clip explaining exactly how a 1.30 piece is put together. As funny as it is, it does raise a good point that I’ve been wittering to myself about for years now: I don’t watch the news to see what ‘the average person’ thinks about it. I watch news to have well informed experts tell me their opinions. Not what Bill from Hull ‘rekons’ on global warming or on the latest tax on milk bottles…Mitchell and Web clearly agree with me.

The Dubai kicking continues 4, December 2009

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The Guardian continues the Western media’s schadenfreude-imbued coverage of Dubai’s debacle today with a nice piece on the absurd construction plans that Dubai had in its make-believe pipeline. As so many people have said: ‘even though ‘I’ don’t know that much about economics, ‘I’ still knew that this level of delusional planning and aspiration would, at some stage, fall flat on its face’. Personally, I count myself among the now smug, after-the-fact-experts claiming that Dubai’s failure was but a matter of time. The only person, I think, that can really claim to have seen it coming is my supervisor in Durham, Dr. Christopher Davidson in his recent book on Dubai. Mabrouk, as they say.

A Small Gallery of Folly

A constantly shifting tower block. Nice idea, would be beautiful, but, come on, let’s be serious. Dubai ridiculous rating (DRR): 9/10

An underwater hotel. Please. DRR: 10/10

A ghastly Trump-built tower. Ugly. DRR: 3/10

A 1km tall tower. Compensating for something are we? DRR: 8/10