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Jewish court sentences dog to death by stoning 18, June 2011

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In Jerusalem, a rabbinical court has condemned a dog to death by stoning for fear that…wait for it…it is the reincarnation of a lawyer who insulted its judges twenty years ago; clearly the logical conclusion for a stray dog that refuses to leave one particular area.

Better still, one of the judges apparently asked local children to carry out the sentence, according to the BBC. Empowering and educational at the same time.

I write this just in case anyone was ever in any doubt: there are crazies on both sides.


While I still firmly maintain that there are crazies on both sides, it seems that this example is not true.

Sentenced to death for practicing black magic 10, November 2009

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After a thorough trial consisting of 10 hearings spanning over 2 years, a Saudi court has reached the measured, judicious and – given the mounting evidence in the case – only reasonable course of action regarding a Lebanese man found guilty of practicing black magic: death.

The man has the right to appeal the sentence with in 33 days proving – if it needed to be proven – the efficacy and fairness of the Saudi judicial system. The key evidence appears to have been finding the man in a hotel room with – people with a nervous disposition may wish to look away now – herbs, talismans and “some papers with strange drawings and writings”. Well, case closed.

Enlightened folk, those Saudis.

Hat tip: Abstract JK