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Democrats, Republicans and Porn 10, March 2009

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Porn...it's chaper than dating

So who do you think would buy more porn, republicans or democrats? I suppose that your typical pinko-leftie democrat wouldn’t need it, he’d be getting free love and all that. But then again, he’s a liberal and thus totally unabashed in sating his carnal desires. How about Floyd or Cletus, with his hulking great SUV, listening to Country FM, polishing his guns in Church somewhere the deep South? A good republican boy like him would – morals, “Howdy Ma’ams” and all that – surely not touch such vile work of the devil? Then again, maybe he snaps once in a while…the pressure builds up and he succumbs to temptation.

Well, thanks to the New Scientist via Danny Finkelstein’s excellent blog at the Times, we know the answer.

So who have been statistically proven more likely to buy porn…drum roll please….





Apparently, eight out of the top ten “pornography consuming states” voted for McCain where as 6/10 of the lowest porn consuming states voted for Obama. Also, the more religious a state, the more likely it was to buy porn. (A finding broadly in agreement with Channel 4’s terrifying Texas Teenage Virgins some years ago.)

Methinks two things: that there are a lot of hypocritical and horny white men down in the South and that, overall, ‘the lady doth protest too much.’