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Bahrain’s brave choice for its American Ambassador 6, June 2008

Posted by thegulfblog.com in Bahrain, Western-Muslim Relations.
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Not wishing to be outdone by America and their first female or non-White Presidential candidate, Bahrain have done their best to go one better, all be it in a slightly less prestigious role. Not only have they just announced that their new ambassador to America is going to be a woman, a forward move for the male dominated world of Gulf politics, but she is Jewish too.

This is a brave move by the small country. Those in the West will no doubt be pleased by such a more, some in the Middle East, less so. Particularly Iran who have a less than cosy relationship with Bahrain. Indeed, perhaps this is Bahrain’s way of pinning their colors to the Western mast, so to speak, much to the annoyance – no doubt – of Tehran. Yet despite this move and the fact that Bahrain have one of the world’s oldest Jewish communities, they do not actually have diplomatic relations with Israel. Presumably, however, this is not that far off now.