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Foreign Policy Oil Issue 9, September 2009

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Foreign Policy magazine has a special on oil. Here’s a brief (very) summary of the best ones.

It’s still the one – Daniel Yergin – A piece by the author of the oil bible ‘The Prize” Daniel Yergin explaining why we need oil now as much as ever.

The strait dope on Hormuz – Eugene Gholz – This piece essentially says that Iran can’t close the Straits of Hormuz as many fear. As in the Tanker Wars, the money is there for the tankers to give it a run.

Seven myths about alternative energy – Micheal Grunwald – Doesn’t really need explaining…

Africa’s 3rd largest oil producer? 16, July 2009

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Equtorial Guniea

Well, according to Foreign Policy magazine, it’s Equatorial Guinea. Yet, the BP Annual Statistical Review of World Energy – the most authoritative and comprehensive set of statistics published – disagrees quite significantly:

Oil production (thousand barrels per day) 2008

Nigeria 2170
Algeria 1993
Angola 1875
Libya 1846
Egypt 722
Sudan 480
Equatorial Guinea 361
Rep. of Congo (Brazzaville) 249
Gabon 235
Chad 127
Tunisia 89
Cameroon 84

However, this doesn’t detract from the main thrust of the FP article which places Equatorial Guinea as the 3rd least free place on earth, behind North Korea and Burma (Myanmar).

If you aren’t depressed enough by that story, they’ve got an excellent article with innovative, intuitive and informative graphics analyzing this year’s most failed states along side some excellent photography.

Ban Ki Moon slammed in FP magazine 25, June 2009

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Jacob Heilbrunn launches a scathing attack on Ban Ki Moon in Foreign Policy Magazine. Slating Moon for being idle in the midst of crisis, employing too many South Koreans, collecting too many honorary degrees and buying too many Samsung TVs, Heilbrunn clearly steps far, far over the line from objective analysis to angry, has-an-agenda, patronising, ill-informed ranting. And what a surprise, Heilbrunn is a commentator for the National Interest. What a surprise.