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Homosexuality in the Gulf 22, September 2010

Posted by thegulfblog.com in The Gulf.
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An Emirati student, Mohammed Nour Al Deen Hussein, 23, has been sentenced to a year in jail for cross-dressing and posing as a male prostitute. The evidence is rather incriminating, including compromising pictures of him ‘red-handed’ on the internet. Rather optimistically, Mohamed unsuccessfully asked on appeal that the Judge cancel his prison term and pronounce him innocent.

Homosexuality is a highly taboo topic in the Gulf where it is illegal and ignored but present. The last but one time in the Gulf I was amazed by the number of makeup-wearing effeminate men in groups (of men) in Shisha bars. Plainly, while these men are not necessarily gay, speaking to Gulfy national friends, they intimated that ‘everyone’ knew one effeminate guy who was so inclined.

Indeed, Kuwait are mooting the introduction of quasi-conscription to combat what some see as the growing trend of effeminate and transvestite young men in the country.

Hat tip: Sultan Al Qasseimi