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Brown calls voter ‘bigoted woman’ 28, April 2010

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Gordon Brown was caught calling a voter that he just talked to ‘a bigoted woman‘. He did not realise that he still had the Sky News microphone on. He also said that the ‘whole thing’ was ‘a disaster’ and that he ‘should never have been put with her’.

The woman is then set on by grubby Sky News Conservative supporting reporters (and a BBC journalist) asking her what she thinks of it and whether she will still vote for Brown. Hmmm…

So far I have not heard the original conversation but whilst I am not Brown supporter, I do imagine that he called it as he saw it, that he believed that she was bigoted. It is somewhat annoying, therefore, that he is genuflecting and apologizing over this incident. Have some ba!!s and stick with your opinions, I feel like shouting at the dour Scotsman. Even for political reasons, it’s not as if saying something to that effect could possible make things worse for him in the polls; he’s already on his way to an absolute trouncing.


The more I read about this gaffe, the more it seems that Brown was just being, essentially, out of order. Apparently, the lady in question did very little, if anything, to deserve Brown’s remark. A big, fat apology it is then…

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UK economy overtaken by Italy’s 7, November 2009

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…so head for the hills. It’s clearly all over. Lights out, close up, enough. If corruption ridden, Mafia riddled and 4 hour lunch break taking Italy can overtake the UK’s economy, then indisputably the UK is finished. Oh the ignominy, the pity, the utter humiliation and the precipitous and vituperative rage and anger that I feel towards Brown for leading us to this lowest ebb. So scandalously and thoroughly screwed must Britain be if Italy has overtaken it that Brown is either so outlandishly and stupendously inept that someone ought to call Guinness, or all along he’s been on a secret mission from Jock McScotland to shaft the UK in a giddy haze of envious and suicidal apocalypse.