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IDF poser: “gladly kill Arabs – even slaughter them” 19, August 2010

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The IDF soldier whose photos posed with humiliated, bound Palestinians caused international outrage and criticism from the IDF itself, has allegedly posted numerous hateful statements about Arabs and Palestinians on her Facebook page.

Haaretz  reports that she apparently wrote, only last Thursday, that she would

gladly kill Arabs – even slaughter them


in war there are no rules.

forgetting, somewhat conveniently, that in fact there are a cornucopia of rules governing war. Moreover, if, as Israel, one of your prime complaints is the illegality of the tactics used against you, surely you’d want to stick to the letter of the law to highlight the opposition’s transgressions? (Obviously this doesn’t work…)

Also, she is not what one might call contricious.

I can’t allow Arab lovers to ruin the perfect life I lead. I am not sorry and I don’t regret it.

Yes, heaven forfend that your perfect life might be impinged by gross human rights violations. Imagine the Israeli outrage if this were the other way around…

When asked about how this might harm Israel’s image abroad she said that

We will always be attacked. Whatever we do, we will always be attacked.

Well, yes you and your country will indeed be tarred if you continue to ignore the most basic of human rights, as seemingly evidenced in these photos.

Hitting the nail squarely on the head, Ishai Menuchin, the head of the Public Committee Against Torture commented that

these terrible photographs reflect a norm in the way Palestinians are viewed, as an object and not as humans. It is an attitude that ignores their feelings as humans and their individual rights.

The Guardian helpfully compiled an album of IDF holiday snaps of similarly horrid photos, surely each and every one violating the Geneva Convention not to mention simple standards of decency.

Perhaps not coincidentally, I also read a diatribe against the Guardian in the right-wing MERIA journal on the apparent tinge of rabid, anti-Zionist feelings among commenters. What a shock: people that comment on newspaper stories on the internet are of the lunatic fringe…ground-breaking conclusions there.