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Iran sign regional non aggression pacts 7, March 2010

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The Iranian defence minister confirmed that Iran has signed bilateral mutual defence agreements with Qatar, Oman and Kuwait. These agreements apparently specify that neither territory will be used to attack or harm the other.

Recently, Iran has been making strident efforts – notably with Qatar – to visibly show and project and image of good, neighbourly relations. Perhaps Iran has finally realised that the more they threaten these states, the further and deeper they drive them into the arms of the US. Instead, the only way that they can even begin to seek to eject the US from the Gulf is by acting as a good, utterly non-threatening neighbour for their Arab allies. I doubt, however, that the leadership in Iran has the temperament for this long term plan. They seem to be unable to stop blustering on about their influence, weapons, plans, missiles and support. In short, US forces are not going anywhere anytime soon.