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Stuxnet virus attacks Iran 23, September 2010

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The BBC reports that ‘high value’ infrastructure in Iran has been targeted by one of the most sophisticated computer viruses ever created.  ‘Stuxnet’ is designed to infiltrate systems via-USB keys. Then it searches the internal system for preset industrial control software made by Siemens where it can – theoretically – give the system new commands relating to, say, the temperature of a power plant. Siemens, however, maintains that they have had no such involvement in Iran for 30 years.

Though it has been found across the world, the concentration of Stuxnet in Iran along with the staggering complexity of the virus has led some experts to maintain that it must have been made by a nation state.

The inference in the article is clear; that America is waging a technological battle of sorts in Iran. This make a change from the typical storylines of this genre which tell of Chinese hackers repeatedly attacking Western government and private companies to steal secrets. The Chinese threat reached such proportions that Mi5, Britain’s domestic security service, issues stark warnings to the Government and Private Companies about China’s potential capabilities.