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The two videos of Iran’s missing nuclear scientist 11, June 2010

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Contesting videos have emerged of the Iranian nuclear scientist who disappeared when on the Haj to Mecca. Initially it was believed that the CIA had abducted Shahram Amiri yet it soon transpired that it was actually a long-planned defection to America. Iran has, however, always maintained that the scientist was taken unwillingly.

Recently a video purported to be of Amiri found its way onto the internet where he said that he had been captured against his will, tortured and that he was being held in Arizona, U.S.

The authenticity of this video has not been established. One must wonder, however, how an Iranian Nuclear scientist kidnapped and transported several thousand miles, tortured for information and held against his will managed to obtain unfettered access to a PC with a webcam and an internet link. This seems to be wholly implausible to me. Moreover, surely Amiri, even if he came to America willingly, would never be allowed unfettered access to the internet?

Not long after this video was released another one, again purporting to be by Shahram Amiri, was posted on the internet.

This shows the former Iranian nuclear scientist declaring that he is in America studying and is not a spy.

My tentative conclusion is that the first video is a disinformation attempt by Iran to mask their embarrassment.

Missing Iranian nuclear scientist defects 3, April 2010

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The Iranian nuclear scientist who went missing on a pilgrimage to Mecca some months ago has apparently defected to the Americans. Initially it was suspected that he had been assassinated by the US.

This is potentially a gold-mine of information for America. Ahahram Amiri, the scientist involved, worked at Iran’s Fardu uranium enrichment plant near Qom. ABC news who broke this story describes him as one Iran’s top nuclear scientists.