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L’archipel de Palestine orientale 24, April 2009

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Palestine and water replacing Israel

This is another fantastic map taken from Strange Maps. As the Arabist says, water has replaced all the areas controlled by the Israelis such as roads and settlements. It vividly highlights if not the impossibility then at least the vast difficulties involved with establishing a cogent and workable state under such conditions.

Cartoons from the media 7, February 2008

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The same caveat applies:

These cartoons are emphatically not meant as some kind of political statement on my behalf and neither are they here to offend. They are simply what I have come across on a day to day basis and thought others might find them amusing/thought provoking/telling/meaningful etc.

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On Israel, Palestine and International Law.

Tishreen, Syria 29/01/08

On Israel, the Arabs and the Palestinians

The picture improves in Saudi Arabia.

Al Watan, Saudi Arabia 4.2.08

The picture in Iraq improves