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The power of the Lord 8, October 2009

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…did not extend to 11 year old Kara after she died because her parents decided to prey for her as opposed to seeking medical help. Kara died from a complex but treatable illness on the floor of the family home in Wisconsin surrounded by people preying for her, not treating her. It is not as if the symptoms were mild and a serious illness was not manifestly apparent: she became too weak to speak, eat, drink or walk. The parents have been sentenced to one month in jail each for six years as opposed to a maximum 25 year sentence for second degree murder.

This sentence appears to be, however, lenient in the extreme considering that neither mother nor father consider themselves to have done anything wrong. The mother maintained that she did not “regret trusting in the Lord for my daughter’s health” whilst the father just claimed that he was guilty of ‘obeying his God’. Yet this is the point: he is guilty of follow his interpretation of what his God wants. As the judge said “God probably works through other people, some of them doctors.” However, it seems that because they had ‘good intentions’ they have been essentially let off for effectively killing their daughter.