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More ‘Qatar to buy Man Utd’ rumours 24, January 2011

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Rumours are surfacing once again suggesting that a Qatari consortium is in discussions to buy Manchester United. The current owners of the English Premiere League club, the American Glazer family, are thought to want some £1.5 billion. Though the price is high, Manchester United have been Britain’s most successful football club for over a decade now and are consistently ranked among the very top earners in the sport.

Notions of Qatari backing make sense. Not only is Qatar one of the richest countries on earth but they have a penchant for high-priced often British blue chip companies. Manchester United would fit well into their burgeoning portfolio. Also with Qatar hosting the World Cup in 2022, Qatar seems intent on increasing its profile in the world’s most popular sport. The Asia Cup is currently underway in Doha, the Qatar Foundation recently signed a sponsorship deal with Barcelona football club and Abdullah bin Nasser Al Thani has recently bought Malaga, a side in Spain’s top division.

Manchester United: ‘evil’ 2, August 2010

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Finally, after many years of insistence, I have clerical proof when I say that Manchester Unites are evil. Muslim scholars in Malaysia, in a superb effort to distance themselves from the tens of millions of football-loving youngsters across Asia, have announced that the devil on United shirts is “very dangerous”.

Devils are our enemies. Why would you put their picture on you and wear it? You are only promoting the devil.

Said some literalist idiot mufti.

Qatar to buy Manchester United? 18, January 2010

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There are a few reports doing the rounds suggesting that a group of Qataris may be about to launch a £1.2bn bid for Manchester United, the richest and most successful British football club of the past decade. Whilst rumours such as these always swirl around there is clear logic and pedigree behind this potential move.

  • Qatar likes top brands. Investors from Qatar have already taken stakes in many of the bluest of Europe’s blue chip companies. From Volkswagen/Porsche to EADS to Barclays, Qataris like a top-class brand name.
  • Qataris have the money. Qatar is an incredibly rich little country. Less that a quarter of a million nationals sit atop the third largest gas reserves in the world and the 13th largest oil reserves.
  • Qatar 2022. Qatar is hoping to attract the World Cup to the small Peninsula in 2022 but face exceedingly tough competition from countries like England. To boost their chances so far they have used their practically unlimited budget to guarantee exclusivity at the Confederation of African Football and paid millions for England to play Brazil in Doha last November. In this light, therefore, the acquisition of Manchester United, one of the largest clubs in the world, would yet further place Qatar on the footballing map.
  • Qatar wants returns. Despite being seen by some as a ‘buyer of Western baubles’ Qatar invests in Western companies/businesses for returns. Manchester United, despite the huge debts foisted on them by the Glazers are intrinsically an exceedingly profitable club and as such would represent a good financial decision, especially considering the Qataris probably would not need to finance the deal with as much debt.