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A wee marriage announcement 4, November 2010

Posted by thegulfblog.com in Random.

Dear loyal readers, casual observers and those here by mistake,

It is customary in the UK (as elsewhere, I suppose) to publicly announce one’s marriage. Ordinarily, this is done in the form of a short announcement in a newspaper. Yet which one to choose? The Daily Mail: I’d be divorced before I got married. The Times: getting far too right-wing these days. The Guardian: pinko lefties only, me thinks. The Sun: not so much.

Essentially, it’s a difficult choice. Yet I’m a twenty-first century kind of person, or at least I try to be. Hence [one might well ask how ‘twenty first century’ I can be using words like ‘hence’ but anyway] I hereby announce my marriage to my beloved better half this Saturday in (hopefully) sunny North London.

Here’s hoping I can get the ring on her finger before she changes her mind.

Best to all.


PS. I think this one definitely goes under the category ‘random’