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Bandar bin Sultan: recuperating in Morocco 24, June 2010

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There have been wild rumors for some time now speculating on what has happened to Saudi Prince and former Ambassador to America for 2 decades Bandar bin Sultan. Some of the more inventive stories suggested that he was in jail in Saudi for plotting a coup. However, more mundanely, Le Figaro’s Middle East blog reports that he has been in hospital in France and is now recuperating in Morocco: like father like son, you could say.

Depending on which rumour you choose to believe, he has been suffering from spinal problems, depression or colon cancer.

Where is Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan? 20, January 2010

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There’s a rumor floating around which I’d like to propagate some more insisting that Saudi Arabia’s former 22 year-long serving  Ambassador to America, Prince Bandar bin Sultan has disappeared. The London Review of Books blog has more on it but here’s a brief summary.

  • Unreliable Iranian media sources suggested that he had been arrested for plotting a coup of sorts
  • Others suggest that he’s ill or has been ordered to silence for meddling without approval in Syria
  • The hugely reliably (…) Saudi opposition sources maintain that Bandar is in Dhaban Prison in Jeddah. This is, according to the LRB blog, a high security facility where Bandar and 4 generals are being held in a separate wing
  • Bandar has missed many important engagements since his last public outing in December 2008 in including missing his official reswearing in as National Security Council head in September last year – a ceremony which traditionally entails pledging allegiance to the King
  • The key issue is, however, that he missed the homecoming of his father, Prince Sultan, from extended recuperation and medical care abroad in December 2009.

Update: here

Update of the update: he’s alive!