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Fadallah’s fallout: CNN & FCO 10, July 2010

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The recent death of Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah has led to two further casualties. First, the British Ambassador to Lebanon Frances Guy posted a comment on her blog about Fadallah.

Sheikh Fadlallah passed away yesterday. Lebanon is a lesser place the day after but his absence will be felt well beyond Lebanon’s shores. I remember well when I was nominated Ambassador to Beirut, a Muslim acquaintance sought me out to tell me how lucky I was because I would get a chance to meet Sheikh Fadlallah. Truly he was right,” she wrote.

The world needs more men like him willing to reach out across faiths, acknowledging the reality of the modern world and daring to confront old constraints. May he rest in peace.

This eulogizing comment drew heavy criticism from Israel and the right wing press in the UK. She later apologised.

Octavia Nasr CNN’s Middle East editor tweeted that Fadallah’s was

one of Hezbollah’s giants I respect a lot

She was soon forced out of her job. Seems freedom of speech only goes so far