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The amazing story of Nauru 17, December 2009

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Nauru is more or less literally in the middle of nowhere. I knew nothing of it until I listened to this excellent radio-cast by Chicago Public radio. The tiny rainforest Pacific island came to prominence at the turn of the 19th century for its pure pohsphate deposits. These were rapaciously mined with no thought to the consequences. The middle of the island is now a disgusting wasteland of open-faced mining and the island is approaching being uninhabitable. Indeed, they do not have any industry to speak of now. A recent source of money for the country was from Austrailia paying Nauru tens of millions of dollars to host refugees.

Nauru also started down a more nefarious path of money laundering and passport selling to keep its self afloat. They enabled people to establish banks there with little to no paperwork and several Al Qaeda suspects were found with Neuru passprots. This, unsurprisingly brought them to the attention of the US authorities, who soon hatched their own plan.

Operation Weasel was suggested by the US to Nauru as a means to start again. America would re-landscape and revitalize the island state in return for Nehru setting up an Embassy in Beijing from which the US would funnel out North Korean defectors.

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Operation Weasel – US