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Palin, Giffords & a grimly prophetic video 11, January 2011

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This is a remarkably and grimly prophetic video by US Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords warning that there are “consequences” to Sarah Palin using ‘gun sights’ to mark out her district as one to be targeted.

(Incidentally, the Palin camp is trying to deny that these manifestly obvious crosshairs are in fact crosshairs, but rather ‘surveyor’s symbols’ as one would see on any map. This from the gun-toting, ‘don’t retreat, reaload’ Palin. Hmm.)

Clearly, Palin et al (al being the shrieking right wing press and, of course, some left wing idiots too) are not directly responsible for the shooting. But how they can deny some responsibility is beyond me. They are, to my mind, wholly culpable for continuing and exacerbating a polarized culture where the other side are often demonized with a vicious, hyperbole-strewn, militarised vocabulary.