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Qatar detains (stupid) pirates 4, October 2010

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Six pirates have been caught in Qatari waters and two boats have been impounded.

While I don’t expect the pirates to have read my various posts on Qatar’s high-tech coastal surveillance systems, I confess I would expect them to realise that the Persian Gulf is awash with oil tankers, LNG ships, coastguard and Navy boats from Iran, Qatar, the UAE, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia and…what’s the last one…oh, the U S  N A V Y.

Really and sincerely, this must be one of the stupidest places to practice pirating anywhere in the entire world.

Poor Pirates 5, May 2009

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French Frigate Nivose

This is the French frigate Nivose. Whilst I am far from any kind of naval expert of any note or repute, indeed, I pride myself on being an unrequited, unrepentant and utter land-lubber. Nevertheless, this looks to me like like a naval ship of some type. Personally, the big gun on the front is the true give-away. But, alas, a boat load of Somali pirates appear not to have been able to tell the difference between this and a typical merchant ship. They duly pursued it, as they are wont to do, yet this particular boat launched two smaller boats full of French Commandos and a helicopter gunship. Those really were some poor pirates.