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An Islamic Reformation? 7, May 2009

Posted by thegulfblog.com in Islam.
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There is an interesting article at Middle East Online discussing whether Islam needs a reformation in the same way that Christianity and Judaism had one in the past. It frames the question well with knowledgeable reference to the Protestant reformation and is a good read. It falls down, however, in the same place that so many articles discussing Islam does. It is utterly no use to say that Islam  (or Christianity…) does not allow suicide bombings or killing of innocent people etc etc. Quoting some surra or other saying exactly that is of no use whatsoever. For Islam (again, or Christianity or whatever religion) clearly does, in the minds of some, justify and mandate just such actions. Juxtaposing one quote versus another and saying that ‘clearly, mine is right’ is a poor if not stupid argument.