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Qatar ‘strengthens security’ with Iran & America 5, January 2011

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Qatar likes to try to assure its security on all fronts. Hence friendly visits to Iran and extra security agreements with America.

The Emir recently visited Iran becoming the first Arab leader to do so since the release of the Wikileaks diplomatic cables. Presumably he didn’t discuss how the two countries routinely “lie to each other” or any other such embarrassing revelations. Instead – you guessed it – emphasis was placed on the “brotherly and excellent” relations between Qatar and Iran, while Ahmadinejad parroted back something to do with harmony, stability and security.

I sometimes feel that there must be a simple machine that churns out these asinine comments, much like this Daily Mail headline creator.

In related news, Qatar recently signed a security document with the US for dealing with exchanging information about terrorists and other similar security-related matters. Again, in the wake of the Wikileaks revelations which place Qatar squarely last in the region for counterterrorism cooperation, unless this is a direct answer to those accusations, which seems is unlikely, I’d say that this visit and signing ceremony is about as much concrete use as the Iranian one.