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Viciously racist Emirati comments on Indian plane tragedy 25, May 2010

Posted by thegulfblog.com in The Emirates.
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RIP Plane Victims

Not really. Not only do I not care if the victims “rest in peace” but it seems to me that they are, rather, resting in pieces!

I am of course talking about flight IX 812 from Dubai to Balglapour (or some other hell hole, they’re all the same) that recently crashed (click here)

I know I know. Mean, blah blah. The way I see it is as follows. The UAE is (about) 50% Indians, Something that I, and 90% of all other Emaratis see as a bad thing.

This plane, carrying Indians who live and work here, means that 160 indians that clog up the roads, cause accidents, fail code inspections at Indian restaurants, speak like this guy, and are a general drag on the security of the UAE, wont be coming back. That is a very GOOD thing!

I can only pray that this happens every week!

Sadly, we’ll probably have 160 new VISAs for 160 new Indians issued in 3 hours… And the authority in charge of this will flaunt that, as if it’s a good thing.

For those who do give a damn, and sadly see this as a sad thing, here is a full list of the flight’s passengers:

1. Rajkumar
2. Kumar Malalavajayapalamaniyanukrishnanananana
3. Babu Pinto
4. Parata
5. Masala Dosa

Repeat that list 32 times.

When all is said and done, they’re probably better off dead. I mean, look at the world, they arent missing anything special.

This blog post appeared on http://www.al-emarati.com. It is a truly viciously racist, cruel, vile and stupid piece of writing, which seems to get worse every time you read it. Whilst there is never any logic or sense to such ravings, what exactly does he think would happen to the Emirates if all the Indians left? Whilst decrying their ‘pernicious’ effects on his country he wholly seems to forget that without the hundreds of thousands of Indians, Philippinos etc the Emirates would stop working overnight.

If he wants to live a wholly Emirati life without foreigners in his country then he needs – quite literally – to go back to the desert-esque lifestyle as his grandfather experienced. I do not mean this in a mean, pejorative way but wholly literally: there are simply not enough Emiratis to run a fraction of their own services and industries, ergo, if he hates foreigners so much then he needs to eschew every trapping of modern life.