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Irony-free ice theme park opens in RAK 4, October 2010

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The Middle East’s largest theme park has opened in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah. Ice Land Water Park is a $100 million ‘ice-themed’ water park in  – essentially – the desert.

Those behind the park explicitly say – apparently without irony or any understanding – that global warming is a key theme of the park. It tells the story of global warming through the use of its penguins. While many see Global Warming as a bad thing this is clearly not so: yes, the penguins lose their natural habitat but – ta da! – they move to RAK in the Gulf and live happily ever after; easily becoming accustomed to the 60 Degree C temperature change. What a nice moral little lesson to teach kiddies.

It gets worse.

The Guardian notes that there is a ‘Coral Isle’ in the park, celebrating the fact that the waters are receding.

Cold water corals unknown for centuries emerge as a secret of Ice Land Water Park. Global warming has seen a change in sea temperatures leading to coral bleaching … Their survival at Ice Land [is] a blessing of nature.

See? Global Warming is positively a good thing. And the Emirates are doing the very best that they could be expected to do, being No.1 in the whole world in CO2 emissions per capita. Good for them.