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Eurozone crisis statistics 26, May 2010

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This is a screen shot of an interactive graphic thingy over at the BBC News website on, obviously, enough Europe’s current issues. It neatly and clearly highlight the key areas of the troubles: debt, the economy, recession and jobs.

It doesn’t look quite as bad for the UK…Greece, on the other hand…Drachma here they come

UK economy overtaken by Italy’s 7, November 2009

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…so head for the hills. It’s clearly all over. Lights out, close up, enough. If corruption ridden, Mafia riddled and 4 hour lunch break taking Italy can overtake the UK’s economy, then indisputably the UK is finished. Oh the ignominy, the pity, the utter humiliation and the precipitous and vituperative rage and anger that I feel towards Brown for leading us to this lowest ebb. So scandalously and thoroughly screwed must Britain be if Italy has overtaken it that Brown is either so outlandishly and stupendously inept that someone ought to call Guinness, or all along he’s been on a secret mission from Jock McScotland to shaft the UK in a giddy haze of envious and suicidal apocalypse.

Recession: “Over by Christmas” 20, May 2009

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The British Chancellor of the Exchequer Alastair Darling has, according to the Times of London, said that the recession in the UK will “be over by Christmas.” That seems like a familiar phrase…when was the last time an MP said that something would be over by Christmas….

Savings at Davos 28, January 2009

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Even in the World Economic Forum held at the exclusive Swiss resort of Davos, economies are having to be made. It is nice to know that the rich and über rich are human too, that they are feeling the economic pinch just like everyone else. Instead of taking a ride to Davos in their powerful twin engined helicopters at an extortionate 9,888 Francs for the 45 minute journey – no, no – now, they are slashing their bills and slumming it by taking the single engined helicopter at a snip of 4,900 Francs. And people say they don’t feel our pain.