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Saudis ‘consider’ severing man’s spine 19, August 2010

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Determined as ever not to enter the modern moral age, Saudi Arabian courts are “considering” whether to sever a defendant’s spinal cord. In the eye for an eye tradition (that ought to have ended an epoch ago) the prisoner in question would suffer this barbaric punishment after he attacked a man two years ago with a cleaver resulting in the severing of his spine. The victim, Abdul Aziz Al Mutairi has apparently requested that the attacker suffer the same fate.

I love the use of the verb ‘to consider’. Consideration, to me, implies logic and a cool, ‘modern’ rationalism. Should we be glad that Saudi are ‘considering’ medical opinion as to how to do this action rather than just butchering him with a cleaver which would be, if we’re honest, the truest eye for an eye punishment? Perhaps, but this hardly detracts from the vile, inhumane nature of the punishment or pre-medieval logic.

Saudi to behead and then crucify child rapist 3, November 2009

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Known throughout the world for their enlightened policies when it comes to punishment, the Saudi Arabian high court has upheld the conviction of a multiple child rapist and killer and has sentenced him to be beheaded and then crucified. Not too much I can add to that, really.