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And the world’s most popular footballer is… 1, February 2008

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So who is the world’s most popular footballer? Ronaldo? Ronaldinho? Kaka? Remember, this isn’t who is the best footballer in the world, just the most popular, so at this point David Beckham no doubt comes to mind. But you’d be wrong on all counts. I’ll give you a clue, he’s playing at the Africa Cup of Nations now. Ahh, then it must be Eto’o or Drogba, maybe Essien as a long shot. But, alas, you’d still be wrong. It is…cue drum roll…Mohamed Abu Treika, the Egyptian forward.

The International Federation of Football History and Statistics holds the public vote annually and Abu Treika garnered over 1 million votes to take the honour. Kaka finished in seventh place, Ronaldo in 15th and Ronaldinho in lowly 18th place. With this new found fame, I’m sure he can expect a call from Bryan Robson at Sheffield United who likes such bizarre thermometers of talent as a means to choose his players – remember he tried to sign Rene Higuita, the Colombian goalkeeper, seemingly solely on the basis of his scorpion kick at Wembley back in 1995…