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Porn star Senator? 9, September 2009

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Having an award of some description on one’s CV is a good thing. I am sure that many Senators in America have various awards – top essay prize, first in class etc – but Stormy Daniels, who is considering running for just that position in Louisiana, has an award which, I am confident in saying, is unique in American politics: the Golden G-String. Quite how useful this will be and how much the good people of Louisiana are impressed by this award and all that it stands for (she is a former hard core porn star) remains to be seen, if, indeed, she runs.

The reason that she is considering running is that the incumbent, David Vitter, is a Christian family man who has been caught up in a large, seedy and highly hypocritical call-girl scandal. Very eloquently, in the video embedded into this article, Stormy answers the presenter’s questions with intelligence and, as Danny Finklestein’s blog comments, she hits the proverbial nail on the head:

“I had no real interest in politics… until I realised that they really were in trouble there and the citizens and some residents of Louisiana got together and drafted me in…

“They dislike David Vitter so much that they think I’m the best person for the job. And that’s kind of scary.”

Hat Tip: The Times’ Comment Central