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Yemeni security services in outlandish claim 7, October 2008

Posted by thegulfblog.com in Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Yemen.
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Yemeni authorities are maintaining that they have captured a terrorist cell with links to Israel. The clear insinuation being that Israel are in some way, shape or form, funding terrorist activity in Yemen. This seems highly implausible. Aside from the fact that Israel have infinitely more pressing concerns far closer to home, Israel’s main weapon, so to speak, in currying sympathy in the wider world rests on the fact that whilst they too my well kill civilians, they do this accidentally. They are, thus, wholly more moral than terrorists who often specifically aim for such deaths. If they are sponsoring terrorism, then they are implicitly sanctioning the knowing killing of civilians. Without doubt, we are talking about petty, semantic differences and indeed Israel have employed a number of legally and morally questionable tactics in the past, but to resort to the literal sponsoring of terrorism would be beyond the pale, even for the often hawkish Israelis.