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Map of Europe by stereotypes 6, October 2010

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It’s been too long since I posted a map from StrangeMaps.

This one is from a German perspective. Turkey is ‘workforce source’, Britain is ‘Enigma code hackers’, Czechoslovakia is ‘Prague’, Spain and Greece are ‘Cheap hotels’ and Belgium is ‘waffles’. I like it.

A Turko-Islamic Empire 25, October 2009

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turkoislamic empire

…would – apparently and arguably – look something like this.

Hat tip: The ever interesting folks at Strange Maps

China’s population/world state map 27, February 2009

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I’ve just found a curiously fascinating blog at wordpress.com which is well worth a browse: http://www.strangemaps.wordpress.com . One of the best maps that I saw was the one below, showing various countries as Chinese provinces by population. Excellent stuff.

China provinces and world population map

There’s some interesting bumf about the populations at the site too.