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Where is Iran Headed? 10, September 2009

Posted by thegulfblog.com in Iran.
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…is an interesting article on the Tehran Bureau website about, as you might expect, Iran’s trajectory after the recent election debacle. Whilst it’s quite long and in-depth, it’s worth the read. The conclusions are not hopeful.

…in the view of many, the political establishment is neither Islamic nor a republic…The hardliners have made it increasingly difficult for many of the conservatives to support them.

So, in summary, here is where the author believes the Islamic Republic is headed: A situation in which the fissures at the top become even deeper, as the hardliners’ circle of ‘insiders’ become increasingly smaller, while at the same time, the anger and frustration of the people rapidly grows.

Unless the hardliners somehow decide to retreat and undertake deep and lasting reforms, the nation is moving toward a confrontation between the unarmed, but determined majority of the people, and the highly armed small minority that the hardliners represent.