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A moan about food in Qatar 23, March 2011

Posted by thegulfblog.com in Qatar.
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Dearest reader, please excuse this dull rant but it’s been building for some time now.

One thing that I’ll say for Kuwait is that there was great – and really I mean great – food there. Qatar…not so much.

I live my life according to what’s next to munch. Food is important to me. My love for cooking it is only surpassed by my love of eating hence why Qatar is really rather a let-down.

To choose the core bone of contention for me, no where can I find, in this whole burgeoning city, Chinese/Thai/Korean frozen dumplings. This probably isn’t much of a burden to you, dear reader, given that the majority of you are not afflicted with a love of these things or with being stuck in Doha, but for me it’s really mish kways. Moreover, there doesn’t even seem to be any one dedicated Asian-esque supermarket thing at all. Only small sections in Carrefour and Mega Mart. Again, mish kways.

But, you’d think, at least I can get good Arabic/Lebanese food here? Well, yes and no: essentially, it’s mostly ‘alright’. Nothing remotely to compare to Mais Al Ghanim or Cafe Blanc in Kuwait or – frankly – Ranoush Juice/Maaroush in London. And what’s with the utter lack of small, cheap, dirty flafel/shwarma places in Doha? Why do these shaaby places seem to be all about ‘club sandwiches’? Why on earth would I want a crappy mighty-white sandwich with plastic cheese, fake ham stuff and semi-rancid mayonnaise when I should be munching on a shwarma or a greasy felaffel sandwich? I just don’t understand. Where’s Kuwait’s Abu Khodor when you need it?

Thai Smile and Thai Snack are the only silver linings in another wise drab and disappointing Qatari culinary ‘scene’ and even these places aren’t even close to being as nice as some Thai place in Kuwait whose name I’ve never known even though I went there on a weekly basis for two years.

Please…please…correct me if I’m wrong, dear reader.

Thus endeth the rant.