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A real milestone: the 1001st post 5, March 2011

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I’ve been looking forward to writing a celebratory wee note on my 1000th blog posting but then, when it actually comes, I forgot about it and instead reached 1000 posts with a dull rant. Typical.

I suppose that I will just have to live with celebrating the 1001st post of thegulfblog.com

So hurrah, cheers, yey and mabrouk!

I’ve enjoyed writing all of the posts…well, some of them…at least a few…perhaps just one or two… but still, we’ve made it to quite the milestone. Amazing really.

So here’s you you, dear reader. Many thanks for the patronage. I hope to keep up the blog, if not quite as prolifically as before, at least several times per week now that I’m gainfully employed in sunny Doha. Thanks and shukran once again.