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UAE-Canada cold war: now the $1000 visa 4, January 2011

Posted by thegulfblog.com in The Emirates.
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The cold war between Canada and the UAE continues apace.

It began when Canada’s refused to allow Emirates and Etihad Airlines more access to Canada, both in terms of frequency of flight and destination. Canada refused fearing that the heavily subsidized Emirati airlines would take significant chunks of domestic Canadian airlines’ profits. And who can blame them?

Some key Shaikhs in the Emirates seem, however, to have taken this rather badly. First, Canada was banned from using a military base near Dubai, second, Canadians were required to obtain their visas before departure and as of the 2nd January, a 6 month multiple entry visa for a Canadian will cost C$1000. A clear example, I’d say, of the perils of the personality politics that can afflict the Gulf.