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Job advert for ‘reliable’ workers ruled discriminatory 29, January 2010

Posted by thegulfblog.com in UK.
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A recruitment company in England sought to advertise in the Job Center for a ‘reliable worker’. In their wisdom, the staff at the Job Center turned down their application to post such a job description as it would discriminate against unreliable workers. Whilst I am loathe to describe this as ‘political correctness gone mad’ ever since seeing Stewart Lee’s fantastic sketch on the topic [below], this is as close to a perfect example of it as it is possible to get.

It reminds me of Incompetence, a Red Dwarf book by Rob Grant that I read many years ago. The scene is the United States of Europe x hundred years into the future where discrimination even on the grounds of utter incompetence is no longer allowed. Cue ensuing hilarity. A satire it may be but with this horribly Daily Hate story, fact just crept a bit nearer to fiction.