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Hold the front pages: BNP caught in a lie 22, May 2009

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BNP flyer

The British National Party (BNP), the UK’s ultra-right wing, avowedly, unequivocally and brazenly racist party led by Nick Griffin, have – shock, horror – been caught in another lie. They have recently pushed flyers through millions of doors in the UK with the following images on it, supposedly showing ‘ordinary’ voters. It turns out, however, that these pictures are not at all of BNP voters. As The Times of London’s Comment Central points out, some of the pictures are taken from a commercial photo selling website. The photogenic hugging older couple, for example, are from Italy and the doctor is from the US, as is the mother and child. Furthermore, the soldier pictured has given an interview to the Sun saying that the BNP were scumbags and he’d never vote for them “in a million years”.

There are concerns that smaller, reactionary parties like the BNP will gain ground in the UK after the recent souring of feelings towards MPs in the wake of the expenses row that has engulfed Westminster in the last few weeks.